Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm baaaaaaack...

Sorry for my absence. A friend of mine was asking advice on a book to read and, of course, I gave her one.  She asked after reading it and liking it why I wasn't a librarian or book reviewer or editor.  I realized then that I had let my blog go by the wayside for far too long.  Don't get me wrong, I've been reading, and reading, and reading...If someone wanted to devise a torture plan for me, all they would have to do is take my Kindle from me!

Today I'm going to talk about a book from one of my favorite authors, Breanna Hayse.  Guardian Domination is probably my favorite of her books.  Kind of a spoiler alert doncha think?  But what you don't know is why.  Don't worry, I'm going to tell you ;)  Celeste Bronston is 18 years old and facing jail time unless she agrees to let Jace Jordan become her legal guardian until the age of 21.  What's the catch?  She doesn't know it yet but Mr. Jordan is a Dom and believes in corporal punishment.  What I like about this book is that when it starts out there is a very special bond between Celeste and Jace.  He is 13 years her senior and doesn't have a romantic interest in her.  He gives her ground rules, punishment when she needs it, and unconditional love.  And she starts to flourish because of it.  There are many misadventures, music gigs, tutoring sessions, lasting friendships, oh, and did I mention puppies?  When feelings start to develop they progress naturally.  You are cheering for them to get together even before they start to have romantic feelings for each other.

Here's an excerpt:

"I am going to have to punish you, though.  Your behavior was unacceptable."

"You aren't going to take away the puppies, are you?"  I panicked.

Jace shook his head with a slight chuckle.  "Heck no; those little mutts are here to stay too."  He paused.  "No, I'm afraid I am going to have to spank you."

"What?!"  I stared at him in horror.  "Are you nuts?  I'm 18 and way too old to be treated like a baby.  You can't do that.   It's child abuse!  You promised never to hit me!"

H stayed calm.  "Make up your mind; are you 18 or a child?  And I promised to never bruise your face.  I said nothing about your bottom."

If you like spanking fiction, you'll like this book.  Heck, even if you are a regular 'ol romance lover, you will like this book.  Oh, and be sure to check out her blog at  It's one of my favorites.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back and read this book  (for about the 5th time :) )

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Insufferable Proximity

Someone is hell-bent on sabotaging Julian King.

Julian is a hot-shot lawyer and a natural born womanizer with an unnatural addiction to the opposite sex.  With a line of scorned women, a brother who loathes him and many
competitors he defeated on his way to the top, there were plenty of
people that would love to see him burn.  But his money was on the person he despised most: Heaven Deville, an
aggressive, ambitious, destructively-driven lawyer who hates Julian.

The two stubborn lawyers are locked in a brutal battle for the coveted partnership position at the firm, and Heaven would do ANYTHING to prevent her arch rival from winning.

When Heaven goes too far in her attempts to secure the partnership and gets caught in a situation that could cost her everything, including her job, professional reputation and her dignity, Julian gives her two options: either he turns her in or she has to willingly sign herself over to him for the next 30 days. 

Backed into a corner, Heaven realizes there is only one possible
choice... But is she strong enough to submit to a man she despises so

This is an author that I’ve never read before. Now I have all of her books on my Kindle!  From the description I thought it would be like Enslaved by Claire Thompson, only longer. I was wrong. It starts out that way for like two minutes, but then it becomes more of an alpha male romance. She spends her nights at his home (complete with a secret dungeon), but they both go to work during the day and no one is aware of their new "relationship". It’s clear that their hatred of each other is a mask for their sexual frustration. And, throughout the book, they get closer and closer to feelings of love, but are too stubborn to see it.  Plus, along the way, we get to enjoy a hell of a ride!!

Julian is the golden boy of the King family and, let’s face it, a man whore. There’s no other term to describe it. It’s like he’s addicted to sex and can’t control himself. When it comes to Heaven though he is a very possessive and dominating lover. There are plenty of hot and heavy office sex scenes too!  Almost every woman in the law firm is in love with Julian and can’t stand Heaven. In fact, she’s considered a bitch (and certainly knows how to show it). Heaven has a secret though. She was raised in a brothel by her Aunt Coco and her mother, the infamous Madame Sybille Deville, and has an aversion to sex. As a matter of fact, she’s a virgin. No one in the law firm knows of her upbringing though - like they would even believe it!

There are plenty of twists and turns in this book and I had trouble putting it down!! It's not just about the sex though goodness knows there's a lot!  There's some kink thrown in there too.  There are some typos, but not enough to get on my nerves.  It's a great buy too.  It has 737 pages and is only $4.99 on Amazon.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Full Disclosure

Ann Silver. She’s intelligent, well-connected, and highly regarded by her peers—the best cop most people have never heard of. Midwest Homicide Investigator Ann Silver is content to avoid the limelight and just do her job. She spends her life assisting other cops on tough cases, enjoying time with close friends, and writing their stories. Then she crosses paths with Paul Falcon, and she’s suddenly on unfamiliar ground. He’s after a romance and something permanent, and he’s determined not to let her secrets keep them apart.

 Paul Falcon. The FBI’s top murder cop, he’s as determined and fiercely driven as they get on the job. His personal life is absorbed by the sprawling Falcon family enterprise. And privately—he’s looking for someone to share his life. He knows when he meets Ann Silver she’s worth a second look, and she’s soon got his serious attention. It’s a good thing he’s used to handling pressure and being pulled in several directions at once, for Ann’s secrets are going to rock both his professional and personal life. In one intense summer a national secret is going to be exposed, a killer is going to be identified, he’s going to get a lead on a lady shooter he’s been after for years, and he’s going to fall in love.

 The Lady Shooter. A hired gun, she’s patient, calculating, and elusive—responsible for a string of murders that have raised her high up on the FBI’s most wanted list. Though she’s been careful about leaving a trail, Ann Silver’s found a thread that leads right to her, and Paul Falcon is pursuing hard. She’s going to have to make a choice—eliminate the threat, try to run, or find a way to use what she knows to her advantage. She’s holding the secrets of powerful people who have reason to want her dead, and her time to act is closing fast.

Ever sit down with a friend that you haven't seen or heard from in a long time? That's how I felt while reading this book. I have been a faithful reader of Dee Henderson since her first book, Danger in the Shadows. Heck, I even wanted to BE an O'Malley! Whether she's writing about a hostage negotiator, a United States Marshall, a firefighter, or a CIA operative, she makes it seem that she's actually been in all of those careers. This book is no different.  The character development is steady and while there's no lip action until page 365 (yes, this is from memory because I was so HAPPY that it finally happened), there is romance. It's just more subtle, everyday kind of things and lots of web cam action!  Yes, this is a Christian romance writer, but religion IS NOT shoved down your throat.  It's part of who these characters are and there is no preaching.  Their faith is shown in their ACTIONS.

Ann is not your typical single woman.  At times she actually acts like most guys when it comes to relationships ;)  She's devoted so much time to her career and helping people that she doesn't feel she has time for anything else at this time in her life.  Don't let this reason fool you though, she's scared spitless!  Paul is the oldest son in a very large and prestigious family and is expected to take over as head of the family when his father dies.  He is also a dedicated cop who knows what he wants and that's to start a relationship with Ann.

Another thing I love about Dee Henderson's books is that there is always a wealth of supporting characters.  This book is no different.  We get to meet Paul's right-hand people, Sam and Rita, as well as former Vice President Gannett.  As a bonus, we also get to catch up with friends from Ms. Henderson's previous books and, without giving anything away, there's a twist to that dynamic!  And last, but not least, let's not forget the "lady Shooter".  She is in no way stupid and gives them a run for their money.  All I can say is that if Ms. Henderson ever decided to become a criminal - lookout world!

As you can probably tell, I give this book a five-star rating.  I also encourage you to read the rest of her books:

O'Malley series:  Danger in the Shadows (prequel), The Negotiator, The Guardian, The Truth Seeker, The Protector, The Healer, and The Rescuer.  Jennifer: An O'Malley Love Story will be coming out in 2013.

Uncommon Heroes:  True Devotion, True Valor, and True Honor.

Stand alones: Kidnapped (previously published under True Courage), The Witness, Before I Wake, The Marriage Wish, and  God's Gift.

Also take a peak at her website

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Honor Student

The plot and characters were great. I could barely put it down to go to sleep! But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Ms. Mummert, have someone proofread for spelling/grammar errors!!!! That is the only reason that I didn't give it a 5 star rating.

I think a secret relationship is sexy. I also love the fact that it is a one man/one woman story. I'm not comfortable with the books that have menage aspects (sorry if that sounds prudish).

Can't wait for more of this series!  [This was a review I did for Amazon back in April]

Delivery of Fate

She's done it again!  Just as with A Life Interrupted, Ms. Loucks proved that she is a talent to be reckoned with. She has the ability to create characters that are strong alone, but even stronger together. And, at the same time, tender. I was pulled into the story and read it cover to cover in one sitting. I actually felt like I was there in the room as the team worked. I think Riley is my favorite of the secondary characters - I love his sense of humor. The ONLY problem I have with the book is that it's too short! Ms. Loucks is now among the list of authors I will read on sight without even reading a synopsis.  [This is a review I did for Amazon]
For my first blog I decided to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m originally from San Diego County, California, and have migrated to Southside Virginia. I’ve always loved to read - especially romance novels. I love the feel of a paperback book and the smell of the pages and I never thought I would ever stray, but I bought a Kindle Fire last Christmas and, before I knew it, I ended up with hundreds of e-books!!! My Kindle has also opened up a door to different kinds of romance - especially the two that I find myself drawn to - domestic discipline and m/f BDSM (the safe, sane, & consensual kind). So, while I still love to read all types of romance, these are the two are the main ones.

Some might say "what’s a good Christian girl like you reading books about bondage?" What draws me to this genre is the TOTAL amount of trust the submissive places in the dominant. I started out with the Masters of the Shadowlands Series from Cherise Sinclair, specifically, "Make Me, Sir".  These depict a dominant/alpha male hero who also has a high regard for his submissive (until that regard turns into love - come on these are romances for goodness sakes!) and would never do anything to hurt them.  Actually, they seem to be much closer to each other than normal romance novel couples.

You will find (I hope) that some of the authors that I love and will be reading a lot of are: Kristi Loucks, Kristen Ashley, Cherise Sinclair, Melissa Schroeder, Cara Bristol, Sue Lyndon, Kallypso Masters, and Jade Cary, just to name a few. I also have every paperback book ever written by Dee Henderson, Lori Wick, and Mindy Starns Clarke.

Well, that’s enough about me. I sincerely hope you visit my blog and that my reviews help you find the perfect book.